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Drawing has always been central to how I express my creative voice, both as a medium and as a process. While a photograph captures the moment, a drawing includes a series of moments in one frame — the change in breath, the variance of light, the loss of time. A good drawing can sometimes feel as alive as the object itself. Because, in some ways, it is.

My artistic process includes many years of focused practice in meditation and Vajrayana Buddhism. I believe creative expression and the spiritual path are interwoven journeys. In my visual art practice, I emphasize working with the mind to remove the obstacles to creativity. Judgement is the main culprit and I feel artists must be constantly vigilant to its destructive voice. In teaching meditation, I explore the confidence in spontaneous expression that can arise through spiritual practice. Unraveling the ego mind is both part of my artistic and spiritual path.

Reach out with any ideas for collaboration. I’m available for murals, commissions and photo shoots. I’d love to work with you!

Long live the pencil,