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Waiting for Laundry
At the Laundromat
Dirty Dishes
Soon Raes Desk
Winding CLock 2
Soon Rae In Her Bedroom
Death Scene Close Up
Soon Raes Letter
Soon Raes Letter 2
Soon Raes Kitchen
Soon Rae At Her Table
Soon Rae in the Kitchen
Soon Rae Thinking At Her Table
Soon Rae at Laundromat
Sewing Montage
Soon Raes Mailbox Set
Mailbox Shot
Death Scene Wide
Soon Rae Falls Asleep
Watching TV
Soon Raes Bedroom
Soon Rae Receives Plane Ticket
Winding Clock
Soon Raes Livingroom
Soon Raes Livingroom 2
Drying Laundry
Living Room Transition
Reading Letters
Sewing Table
Hand Washing Laundry
Bathroom Sink
Wall Aging
Donating Quilts